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What You Should Know Before Investing in an Automatic Lawn Sprinkler System

Are you considering installing an automatic lawn sprinkler system? Here is some valuable information for anyone weighing the pros and cons of this investment.

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  1. How much time will an automatic sprinkler system save you? Most people install one to spend more time enjoying their yard and less time trying to maintain it. A sprinkler system will eliminate the need for lugging hoses and other types of sprinklers around your yard. You also won’t need to go out and replace these every few years. And as Vancouver limits sprinkling in the summer a sprinkler system saves you from scheduling your day around your watering times…running outside in your bathrobe to turn your sprinkler on in the morning, staying around to turn it off in time, and being tied down in the evening babysitting your sprinkler.
  2. How much water will it save you? Yes, an automatic sprinkler system can reduce water usage. By setting it to give your lawn and garden only the optimum amount of water each week, you will keep your yard healthy and ensure that you’re not overusing our precious resource.
  3. How will it be maintained? An automatic lawn sprinkler system usually requires maintenance twice each year – in spring to turn it on and check that it is in proper working order, and in fall to shut it off and to winterize it. A professional sprinkler company can perform these routine maintenance tasks for you…even without you having to remember them, if you set up a long term service contract.
  4. And finally, how much will it cost? Mostly it depends on the size of your yard. Next, you need to factor in the type of system you want, including the number and type of sprinkler heads required to do a thorough job. Last, specific site requirements may increase the cost of digging and installing. A professional lawn sprinkler company will be able to calculate this quickly and provide you with an estimate, and with help answering all of your questions about automatic lawn sprinkler systems.

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