24 Hour Emergency Response TeamTips

In an Emergency:

  • Make sure everyone is safe
  • Plan your best course of action…it may help first to take a deep breath, relax and then begin
  • If needed – and if possible – shut off water at source and turn off gas
  • Or, call us and we’ll provide help asap

Before you call:

  • It helps us provide faster solutions if you’re able to specifically describe the problem
  • If possible, be prepared with what may have caused the problem, the location and any other relevant details
  • Or, call us and we’ll get to work on solving the problem

Before we arrive:

  • It may also help speed the solution by writing a description of the problem
  • You may also find it helpful to list any other plumbing, drainage or heating issues you would like to discuss with us



Thank-you for the good work you did for us; we received 'top-notch' timely service.

~ Ian R., Vancouver

What a great job you did - very impressed - will certainly recommend your company to neighbours.

~ Theresa M., Vancouver