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The 5 Causes of Most Plumbing Problems

Understanding the cause of a plumbing problem will help you properly fix it, or even better, prevent it from ever happening. It will also enable you to make informed decisions when you require new installation or desire an upgrade to your plumbing system. So to help, here is a brief overview of the 5 most common causes of plumbing problems.

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  1. Improper installation. We see problems caused by this almost every day. Whether it was work done by a do-it-yourselfer or by a “professional”, improper installations cause headaches for so many homeowners. Sure, some things like installing a new showerhead or even a new faucet can be done by most people (if they have the right tools and follow the instructions). However, most plumbing work has the potential to affect your home’s entire plumbing and drainage system. The only safe solution is to rely on experienced plumbing professionals with the credentials and reputation to back up their work (this is where the A-1 Team can be of service).
  2. Old, worn out pipes and plumbing products. Like everything in your home, your pipes and plumbing fixtures won’t last forever. It’s important to know the age of your plumbing system and what products were used. A true plumbing professional can identify these things for you while inspecting your system for potential problems.
  3. Lack of maintenance. Taking the time in preventative care will save you from the expensive damage worn out plumbing will cause. Cleaning out drains in the bathroom sink, laundry sink, and bathtubs and showers are maintenance tasks a homeowner should regularly perform. Also, an annual inspection by a plumbing professional is worth the investment. Or, the next time you have a plumber visit to fix a problem, spend the extra to have him do a complete inspection of your plumbing system.
  4. Overloading the system. Your home’s plumbing is comprised of a complex system that brings in water, distributes it hot where needed, and carries away waste. As with any system it can only handle so much. The toilet is the culprit for many of these overloads, often caused by odd objects. If you’re a parent of young children you probably have experienced pulling things like toys or toothbrushes from the toilet. It will help to remind your family about how your plumbing works and what it is able to handle – and what it definitely cannot.
  5. Natural causes. Roots and ground that is still settling can cause major damage to your water pipes and drainage. Tree roots can be invasive and may need to be cut back away from your house and water and sewer lines each year. Houses and yards that are still experiencing some settling can rupture pipes or slow the flow. This may not be a major project to fix, but it will require the help of an experienced drainage and plumbing team.

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It was a pleasure to have you in our home... courteous, conscientious, focused, respected our home environment and knew his job.

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Wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that Barry (hope I'm remembering his name correctly) was absolutely professional, friendly, careful, and thorough during both his visits. I also really appreciate the courtesy credit of labour, as I recognize that you didn’t have to offer that. Thanks again.

~ Carolyn Tuckwell, President & CEO, Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast BC